Online Gambling Revolution New iPad and Payouts for Local Authorities

With the industry still trying to get to grips with the potential benefits of mobile online gambling, the Apple iPad is an even more powerful and versatile device then the best smart phones available and has now left the drawing room table and is ready to hit the stores. It is already being hailed as the absolute must have entertainment and communications gadget by critics and consumer watchdogs.

Online Gambling Revolution New iPad and Payouts for Local AuthoritiesCEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs describes the iPad as being far more intimate than the laptop yet far more capable than the smart phone. He is about to introduce the device to a gadget hungry world of consumers who are looking for ever more powerful and simpler to use devices for connecting to the Internet. It will be the perfect interface for sharing pictures, sending and receiving emails, browsing the web, watching movies and reading ebooks to name but a few of the potential applications that will be available to iPad owners.

The advanced functionality, large screen display and portability of the iPad have not been missed by the online gambling industry and gamers alike. Here is the perfect mobile gambling device all wrapped up- in a very portable and high quality package that is intended to retail at around a very affordable $500 for the basic WiFi enabled 16GB version. This will easily be powerful enough to run the current generation of mobile casino suites such as those offered by such online casino sites as the Playtech powered Casino Tropez Mobile.

The current devices for accessing online gambling websites and casino software are limited to the traditional desktop computer, laptops, netbooks and certain mobile phone handsets. Once the iPad hits the stores in late March, those more traditional means of gambling online will begin to lose popularity as the need for speed and mobile connectivity amongst the younger generations of gamers diverts their attention to the more versatile iPad.

The online gambling sites like Zodiac Casino themselves have a fantastic opportunity to take the gaming experience to the next level with the hardware and mobile advantages of the iPad. There will no longer be any need to download software. Developers will have full scope to create games that react to the touch screen to provide an even more real feel to the games. Imagine being able to move your chips around the table by sweeping your finger across the screen. Hitting or folding your cards at the blackjack table could be done with a simple hand movement. Rolling the dice for a game of craps or backgammon can be done by a flick of the wrist. The possibilities are as endlessly exciting once again as they were when online casinos were in their infancy.


Huge Gambling Payouts for Local Authorities

Local authorities Chehalis Police Department and the County Prosecutor’s Office in Lewis County share a $1.3 windfall for their participation in a gambling investigation.

The two authorities are still undecided on how they are going to spend all the money they received from their hand in helping Washington State’s Gambling Commission seizure last year of over $4 million in illegal gambling funds from local banks.

The commission’s target was Ron Ehli, who had been accused of setting up an illegal online gambling operation that had its base in Chehalis. However, he fled leaving the money stashed away in local banks. The commission, with the help of the Police department in Chehalis and the County Prosecutor’s Office located all the funds and sized them. They followed state law which allowed them to disperse the money for the purpose of future investigations.

Glenn Schaffer, the police chief in Chehalis, said that his department had joined the investigation quite late in relation to the commission’s involvement. Chehalis personnel from the police department provided the security and assistance in executing the relevant search warrants plus a facility for the use of the commission’s investigators.

Online Gambling Revolution New iPad and Payouts for Local AuthoritiesMichael Golden, Lewis County Prosecutor said that his office assisted in securing the warrants that made possible the seizure of the gambling funds. Neither office were expecting to receive any money for their part in the investigation, so the unexpected bonus of $643,000 each has them both unsure of what to do with it.

By state law, those funds have to be used in the prevention of the crime focused on by the investigation. That means they cannot be used for backfilling gaps in the county or municipal budgets. It’s money that comes with very strict regulations. Schaffer says that Chehalis has around a dozen licenses for gambling that are issued to both local businesses and individuals. Potentially, connections could be fashioned to provide the necessary enforcement in that area.

Golden intends to divide the money between other departments, such as $200,000 to the Sheriff’s Office, another $200,000 to the drug court while the balance is retained to prevent the deputy prosecutor position being eliminated. The county might decide to use the money to set up a special fund, but any details still need to be discussed. Golden said that he has to deposit that check, but doesn’t have anywhere to put it!