Online Casinos Cash In With More Live Dealers

Online Casinos Cash In With More Live DealersSex sells and online casino operators are cashing in as they employ more live dealers to satisfy the online gamblers’ need for the personal touch.

It’s no mistake that nearly all the live dealers employed by top online casinos are young, pretty women. Operators are well aware that sex sells and their predominantly male clientele are drawn to those live games like moths to a flame because they’d rather be dealt their cards by a pretty, scantily clad young woman than by a machine!

“You can’t argue with them, but they sure are nice to look at!” one satisfied online gambling customer crowed as he waited for the pretty blonde dealer to deal his next blackjack hand at Jackpot City Casino For most gamblers, the personal touch has always been a large part of the betting process, as can be seen in abundance in brick and mortar casinos the world over. People like to be looked after and having your own personal dealer at a blackjack table, or the services of a croupier at the roulette table enriches the gambling experience, win or lose.

For online casinos, this has been the one area that has, until recently, been sadly lacking. Players can get only so much enjoyment playing against a computer, but with the introduction of live dealers delivered to your computer screen via streaming video a few years ago, all that changed.

At first, the feeds were slow and games even slower. Tables with several players were painfully slow as each player had to wait on the next player to make their decision before the game could continue. Online casino operators were cautiously experimenting with this aspect of the business but were reluctant to expand it for fear it would not catch on.

But catch on it did. As video feed delivery speeds got better, games got faster and more and more players were joining tables with live dealers. This was not only to enjoy having their cards shuffled in front of them by a real person, but also because having an attractive young woman doing the shuffling and dealing, the entertainment value got a lot better, at least for the male players, who comprise the vast majority of online gamblers.

Today, the expansion in this area of online gambling continues. Microgaming, one of the industry leaders has acknowledged this trend by putting live blackjack dealers in its online casinos. They state that live dealers certainly add that human element to a medium like online gambling, which traditionally isolated the player.

Human touch, or merely eye candy, live dealers look set to become an even bigger part of online gambling as more and more players latch on to this side of their chosen form of entertainment.